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Gem Reflection is Czech downtempo project founded in 2004 by producer, composer and musician Martin Brandejs /brendy/. His music is influenced by breakbeat, psytrance/psychill, reggae, ethno, triphop and also early electronic music from Amiga era or czech film music composer Karel Svoboda.


In 2010, guitarist Ondřej Benkovič /benki/ appeared with brendy at Cyklista psytrance festival and after another few live performances he joined the project. During these five years, they released two albums. Gem Reflection 05 (2012) was recorded both in studio and during live performances and reflects early stage of this collaboration. Last release Gem Reflection 06 is pure studio album with much stronger influence of guitarist Benki.

When it comes to live performance, Gem Reflection plays usually as two man project, presents Brendy handling the sequencer and playing live synths while Benki keeps the guitar flowing. It is mix of fixed backgrounds and live improvisations over it.

IF YOU LIKE OUR MUSIC, PLEASE SUPPORT US BY BUYING DIGITAL ALBUM. More money we get, more time we can spent making new music for you ;-)

Every piece of Gem Reflection wide music collection is licenced under Creative Commons licence and is available for free - so enjoy it! ;-)